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Why We Will Never Sell Your Data

July 16, 2016



Dear Business Owner’s, Community Member’s, and Friend’s,

I write to you today as the CEO of The Community Company Inc., your fellow community member, and your friend. 

This letter is meant to share my views on a topic very personal to me; I imagine it is personal to you too. I want to talk about our data security.

Companies that engage in online marketing are constantly collecting data about you and me. Everyday, we allow them to learn more about us.

They learn all about us from our web-surfing habits. They make guesses about us based on our social identities. They monitor our online conversations that run on their platforms. Then, they profile us, categorize us, and sell our data to other companies.  Companies purchase our data then market products they “think” we need.

On behalf of The Community Company Inc., we promise never to engage in this activity. Simply put, we will never sell your data. We will never sell your data because your privacy, security, and trust are worth more to us than money. Yes, I said it; you are worth more than money. I believe this to be true and we operate our company based on this fundamental truth. 

In the coming time, we hope you feel this truth in action as we launch our community marketplace platform called  LOOP.  We built LOOP to unlock the power of the Internet in our local economies. We hope you enjoy it. It’s been a long time coming.

Your faithful friend,

Spencer Michael Deese
Co-Founder & CEO
The Community Company Inc.

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